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St. Stephen's with St. James Anglican Church

Welcome to the website for Chambly's St. Stephen's with St. James Anglican Church. Feel free to browse the links above to experience the history, the people, and the mission of our church.


Notes and News

St. Stephen's, Chambly

  • Holy Eucharist: 10:00am Sunday

  • 1st Sunday of the Month: additional service Eucharist at 8:00 am

Church EVENTS in 2014


Grace Church, L'Acadie

    Next ACW EVENT in 2014

    Saturday December 6th Parish Christmas Supper - 6:00 pm

    Our Foster Children


    Cesar lives in Asuncion, Paraguay
    He is 12 and his next birthday is August 22nd
    He is in Elementary, Year 5
    His favourite subject is Communications and Natural Science
    Assists with classroom duties
    He wants to be an engineer
    He loves to play soccer
    He walks 1.1 - 2 kilometres to school
    He lives with his Mother and sweeps the compound
    His mother is self-employed
    Their primary source of water is Spring water (unpurified) which is a walking distance of 50 metres.
    A qualified doctor visits the community.
    He receives benefits from a nutrition programme, receives school supplies and uniform and teacher supported to pursue/complete formal teacher training.

    OCTOBER 2014


    Kasu lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    She is 9 years old and her next birthday is July 11th
    She lives with her parents
    Her father is a subsistence farmer, her mother is unemployed
    She has 1 brother and 2 sisters
    She runs short errands for the family
    She walks 1 km to school
    This family is Muslim in faith and speaks Oromiffa at home. They live in a small hut constructed from mud and grass, where they sleep and do their cooking.
    She has access to primary healthcare and benefits from a nutrition program. Potable water is now available in the school.
    The family has attended training on preventative healthcare and personal hygiene. Safe childcare centre available.

    OCTOBER 2014
Posted on 20 Jan 2014

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A Word From our Reverend

Welcome to St. Stephen's with St. James Anglican Church. It is my pleasure on behalf of both communities to welcome you home, for when you enter God's church, you are at home with family.

And there is nothing better than feeling like you belong, and at St. Stephen's with St. James, you do belong. We are a community blended together with God being the mystical thread that binds us together.

We are a community weaved together, in unity and in love. Please feel free to join us at any time. We always have lots to share and lots to give.

Welcome, just as you are.

The Rev'd Eileen